Second Passport in Dominica

The Dominica passport program which we promote gives single persons and families the opportunity to apply to the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program and obtain citizenship of Dominica which grants the right to obtain a Dominica passport. The Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme has been in existence since 1993 and many applicants have been successful in gaining Dominica citizenship and benefited from the security and hassle free travel provided by the Dominica passport. Many applicants for Dominica citizenship apply under the economic citizenship program, as it does not have any residency requirements.

Dominica Economic Citizenship Program

We are a licensed agent assigned to providing legal and support services for the Dominica second citizenship and second passport program. Once you indicate interest in applying for Dominica second citizenship, we will provide the necessary forms and details to begin the process. Dominica second citizenship program has several investment options:

There are options for a family with more than 2 children, the with additional investments requirements (depending on age of additional applicants)

The prices quoted above do not include government fees (naturalization, stamp, application and processing fee) agent fees or due diligence fees (which is paid by you directly to the due diligence agency).

The process for obtaining your Dominica citizenship can take up to 3 months. Once a Certificate of Naturalization has been issued, we will apply for the Dominica passport.

Other Dominica Government Fees (Non refundable)

Dominica Economic Citizenship Application Process

Phase 1 (Data Collection): At this stage the clients must pay us the legal and professional fees. We start the Dominica citizenship application by advising clients on the documents which are required. We provide you with a Disclosure Form and we will review the information provided and help you to make any corrections necessary.

Phase 2 (Due Diligence): We will submit documents on your behalf to the detective agency which will provide a price quote for your case. As soon as your fees are paid and documents are received by the detective agency due diligence will commence. The estimated time for this investigation is between six to eight weeks.

Phase 3 (Making Investments): By this stage the results of due diligence investigations would have been submitted to the Government of Dominica. If the application is accepted, a Minister of Government will issue a soft letter to the applicant through us. At this point the investment for economic citizenship will be paid into the economic citizenship account. The name of the individual making the investment should be clearly written on the transfer slip.

Phase 4 (Interview): Part of the application process for Dominica economic citizenship application is an interview which is conducted by the Prime Minister of Dominica. This interview is obligatory and can be done outside of Dominica under special circumstances in which case the applicant must meet the travel cost (air fare, hotel accommodations and other expenses) and an additional fee of US$3000 for the individual doing the interview.

We will advise you on the interview date and we recommend that our clients be present in Dominica at least two (2) days before their scheduled interview date. This gives them time to familiarize themselves with the country and prepare for the interview. CCP Inc.'s representatives meet with you before the meeting to fully prepare you for the interview. Interviews are conducted in English.

Phase 5 (Citizenship) — Certificate of Naturalization declaring the applicant a citizen of Dominica is issued within one (1) month of the interview date. Clients can remain in Dominica until that date or we can courier your documents as soon as we receive them.

Once a Certificate of Naturalization has been issued the procedure for acquiring your Dominica passport can begin.

Dominica Second Passport Requirements

Dominica passports are ready for pick up two (2) weeks after the submission of the application forms. Your second passport issued by the Commonwealth of Dominica is valid for 10 years (adults) and 5 years (children). Application fees for Dominica passport are included in professional fees paid to us.

Dominica Passport Visa Free Travel

With your Dominica second passport you will be able to travel to many countries visa free. Dominica passport visa free countries include members of Caricom (Caribbean Community), the United Kingdom, countries of the French West Indies and the Netherland Antilles, Singapore, Venezuela, Hong Kong, and most Commonwealth countries. In all, visa tree travel with your Dominica passport can be obtained for more than 90 countries.

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