About Us

SecondPassport.org is a site owned by CCP Inc., a professional offshore service provider in the Caribbean with agents in Europe and other offshore jurisdictions. CCP Inc. is a licensed promoter of the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program and the St. Kitts Citizenship-by-Investment Program with a staff of attorneys who manage your economic citizenship application providing legal counsel and support throughout the process in each of these countries. In addition, we also offer a wide range of products and services including IBC formation, offshore LLC formation and bank introduction; all of which are geared at helping our clients with tax planning and asset protection.

As your local agent we will work in your jurisdiction of choice to ensure that your second passport is obtained with no set backs at all. As part of our services we offer advice to help clients get positive results and get accepted for second citizenship in the countries which we promote. We will assist you with application forms, finding detective agencies for due diligence investigations and we submit all the necessary documents for your introduction to the economic citizenship program of Dominica or St. Kitts.

We have achieved a high success rate for economic citizenship which has made CCP Inc. a leader in promoting the second passport programs of St. Kitts and Dominica. After you have obtained citizenship we are happy to assist you with passport renewals and any other matter/questions you may have as it relates to being a citizen of Dominica or St. Kitts.

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