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Where Can You Obtain A 2nd Citizenship?

Presently there are two (2) affordable and well regulated second passport programs which we recommend for you to choose from: Dominica Citizenship by Investment or Economic Citizenship Program and the St Kitts Second Passport Program. This site, dedicated to second citizenship programs belongs to CCP Inc. a company providing economic citizenship services in Dominica and St. Kitts/Nevis for well over 15 years. Our team is made up of lawyers who provide services on citizenship and second passport programs. Here you will find the answers How I can get Dominica Citizenship?

Dominica Second Passport Background

We are promoters of the Dominica 2nd citizenship program which has been in existence from 1993 and applicants to this program have the opportunity to gain Dominica citizenship by making an financial investment. You can find current visa free countries for Dominica passport here. You can choose from several investment options in this program: Single Applicant (main applicant only), Family Application One (main applicant and spouse), Family Application Two (main applicant, spouse and two children below the age of 18 years). There is an option for a family with more than two children at additional cost. Successful persons can then put in an application for a Dominica passport, a service which we provide our clients with. All adult passports are valid for a 10 year period and children’s passports are valid for a 5 year period.

St. Kitts Second Passport Background

St. Kitts passport program, formally called the St. Kitts Citizenship-by-Investment Program started in 1984 and has two options for granting St. Kitts citizenship to applicants: the Real Estate Option and the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) Option. The latter has four (4) categories. Single persons and families can apply to the either option of the St. Kitts/Nevis economic citizenship program of St Kitts and Nevis. Once Nevis/St Kitts citizenship is granted, the new citizen can apply for a second passport which is valid for a 10 year period for adults and a 5 year period for children. Renewals can be done after the initial time has expired.

Advantages of Dominica Second Passports & St. Kitts Second Passports

2nd Citizenship/Second Passport Requirements — General

Our company provides best second citizenship services, and we have a very high success rate for economic citizenship applications. With your cooperation, we prepare and compile all the necessary documentation and then submit them to the relevant government department in the country of choice. We, as a licensed agent, are the intermediary between you and the government authorities processing your economic citizenship and the second passport applications. Your second citizenship application will begin as soon as you have paid legal fees and registered agent fees. Second citizenship applications can take three (3) months or more to complete. A due diligence investigation is done for all applicants over the age of 16 and this investigation plays a role in determining the length of time the second citizenship process takes.

Dominica passport requirements and St Kitts passport requirements vary, but we will be able to provide you with full details and precise documentation required for the specific economic citizenship programs and the second passport applications for the respective countries.

Dominica Second Passport Process Explained

As your registered agent for 2nd citizenship and second passports we will provide professional and legal advice which will help make obtaining Dominica and St. Kitts Passport easier. The first phase of Dominica second citizenship application involves submitting documents and organizing information; for this our offices depend on faxes for preliminary information and the use of very reliable courier services for hard copy documentation.

Once we have delivered your application letter and application form the next step will involve employing a government sanctioned detective agency to conduct due diligence investigations. When investigations are concluded, the due diligence agency will send the findings directly to the Government of Dominica. We are notified once the application is approved, and we then send you the 'comfort' letter. The 'comfort' letter is an invitation to the mandatory interview phase. The next step will be to make contributions available to the government.

As soon as the interview is concluded, a notification regarding the success of the application is issued. At this point, we prepare your second passport application and you take your oath. Certificates of Naturalization and Dominica passports are prepared and sent within 3 weeks of the successful interview.

St. Kitts Second Passport Process Explained

Our offices help clients choose the best option for obtaining a second passport from St. Kitts. For the real estate option an applicant must make an investment in real estate property sanctioned by the government. The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation option involves making contribution towards finding new industries which will provide employment for out-of-work sugar industry workers.

As an agent our role is to work on your behalf ensuring that the application process is followed and all requirements are met. We assist you with application forms and letters. For second passport in St. Kitts due diligence is carried out and government fees must be paid. The next step is applying for your St. Kitts passport if the government has approved your second citizenship. As your agent we will prepare the application for the St. Kitts passport provided that the citizenship-by-investment application process is successfully completed. While an interview in not a standard part of St. Kitts second citizenship application requirements, if the government feels it necessary, you may be required to visit for an interview. KYC/due diligence is conducted on all applicants.

If you are applying for St. Kitts /Nevis economic citizenship through the Real Estate Option, we recommend you visit the islands to select the property of choice, since there are several properties available through this option. We will provide meet and greet services as your agent.

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